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Botty Man


Botty Man, an anal mumbler
He put his farts into a tumbler
Or tried to, he was a fumbler
His wife complained, was a grumbler

Botty Man often tried one sideways
(He always seemed to do this on Fridays)
One or two really did amaze
Don’t strike a match, they’d be a blaze!

The problem of course was the stench
The sort that really made you clench
Poor woman! She’d started to blench.
Made her want to hide inside a trench

And things were even worse at night
A time when his arse was in the limelight
Another cheesy Angel Delight
Two pongs don’t make a right


“We Have Lift-off!”

The fart I left in the lift was cute
The others inside were rendered mute
As they’d entered the bowels of hell
Well yes, it was a helluva smell

These souls had just had a noseful of me
Using this place as my WC
I told them my scent was Heaven sent
I left all the stuff inside to ferment

But the pearl I’d cast was only to swine
Who couldn’t treasure an odour divine
I could see that all were desperate to leave
And a timid few were starting to heave

There and then I decided to do number two
Show the bastards what this arse could do
Sadly, the lift had opened its door
Just as well as some looked done for