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Change for Change’s Sake

Isn’t it all contrived?
The world, its way, how it works
Has Nature been tamed?
Aren’t we all ashamed?
We collude, I think aloud

Who needs a car?
It’s a must have, needs a road
I blame the Romans
I curse them and their omens
They declined, we too are blind

Do we really need the new?
It adds to more than enough
The latest craze
Is meant to amaze
Not yours sincerely, I see clearly


Uptown Flamingo

Meet Val, the feathered vagabond
A rare bird who liked to spend
So much so in need of a lend
Was now at her wit’s end

Tired of living in the ghetto
By luck, she won a lot on bingo
Was she leaving? I should coco!
To be an uptown flamingo

She cast an eye, a look so icy
These people she knew were dicey
What she wanted was much more spicey
On the up where things were pricey

All at once, she changed direction
Now she was seeking perfection
For her friends she’d lost affection
Disconnection, full rejection