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Stressed about stress

In the wild, marijuana is a tough number, a prime example of survival of the fittest, hence the word ‘weed’. But in fact, it is a herb.

Today widely commercialised, weed has become ‘delicate’. You start trimming it – it goes into shock. You top it – it gets stressed. In pots, it soon gets rootbound and then needs to be transplanted, another nasty jolt to give it a funny turn. So confused with this battered handling, the poor plant loses all sense of its sexuality and tries to become both male and female. And who is responsible for this abuse?

The Grower. He or she then starts to imitate the plant. He becomes indecisive, overdoes this, underdoes that, hair turns grey or falls out and his mind becomes rootbound too. He then starts to panic and makes rash decisions and becomes a ‘rusher’ : rushes to cut, to top, to trim, to harvest, to dry and to cure. And there’s no cure for this rusher…
Apart from smoking the plant.