I have been asked to say a few words about this man. I too am pretty old and maybe my memory isn’t what is was, but here is what I remember.

His thundering whisper, or, equally, his whispered shout – it was hard to
tell the diiference.
On the golf course, his dawdling rush up the fairway. As for sex, he enjoyed wholesome smut. About him, there was an air of agreeable unpleasantness, which could have been put down to his mellowed cruelty or tyrannical tolerance of others, especially women who spoke of his grubby beauty and serene agitation.

I think many appreciated the abrasive kindness, the wayward consistency and in particular the arduous simplicity of this methodical idiot, characteristics you don’t expect to see in this likeable violent man whose frenzied calm matched his sleazy honesty. As for his life style, I don’t know which impressed me most : his opulent poverty, or his impoverished wealth.

Whichever it was, his life could be summed as a triumphant failure.


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