Keeping Mum

I have a kept woman. Sorry. I keep a woman. I can’t get rid of her.
I have been very silly. I told her things.
“I want you.’ I’d said.
“You’ve got me!” she’d replied.

Plus her debts. She has needs. Her ‘shelves’ soon get empty.
I don’t mind the underclothes, in fact insist on what she wears. In fact,
money isn’t the object. The problem is….

She’s started to cling. The body still gets me, but…
The weeping. She’s started to weep. A clinging weeper. A kept wept clinger I’d like to sweep under the carpet. But I am compromised. Christ, I want to hit her!

Later, I arrive home, all miserable. The wife asks is there anything wrong.
I’d love to confide in her. I trust her. She doesn’t cling. She hardly ever weeps.
As for fucking…
“No, darling. It’s nothing”


7 thoughts on “Keeping Mum

    1. wopthedo Post author

      It’s all fictional. It was inspired by The Forsyte Saga in which a respectable man had a kept woman. However, I was indeed stuck with a woman for 4 years and she was bloody hard to get away from, so, yes, there is some truth in this fictional tale!

      1. Scarlet

        The man I had my longest relationship with is also the one that’s caused me most legal problems, the only thing worse than losing someone you can’t keep is not being able to get rid of them.

      2. Scarlet

        Horrible isn’t it, people you love turn into monsters. I was 22 when we broke up, I still had problems a few months ago at 25 – 3 years – that’s twice the length of the relationship.

  1. wopthedo Post author

    LOL. But the big question is : has your love turned into a monster or was he/she a monster all the time? In retrospect, I’d go for the latter. I KNEW deep down there was something wrong, namely a bad error of judgment on my part

    1. Scarlet

      Dunno I always feel like the monster, unless it gets really bad. I am usually pretty good at reading people but I tend to have a blind spot for love, and I always regret it.


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