Blind Justice

We were playing umbrage and I had a bad hand.
I knew it was a setup. The boss told me to get up and get the ketchup
Was all this being recorded? No, the tape was on all pause, common usage and onion.

Yesterday at the local criminal urinal, there’d been a brutal tribal killing, some sort of ritual, a blind man wearing a turban, this murder being followed by a hasty burial.
All this disturbed me greatly and I upset the salt cellar all over the ketchup.
“What the heck! That aint cute!” said boss who looked ready to puke.

Just at that moment, a note was pushed under the bottom of the door;
“Pick it up, useless. Read it.”
I told him it was in braille
“Braille? BRAILLE?” boss started to rail.
Me? I just turned pale.
Turban was on the trail….


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