Gone Native


Are primitive people clean?
This is a difficult one to answer as there’s been a lack of research in this field. However, it wasn’t in a field that I conducted my investigations. Yes, you guessed it : I went into the jungle !
At first, it was hard going to find a primitive. Times had changed and so had people. But I was lucky. I caught one fishing at the side of a lake. He looked slightly alarmed, hadn’t seen a clean, that is a really clean, person before.
Because he didn’t understand me and I couldn’t him, we – the camera man and crew – were forced to take drastic measures to check his anus. Since this project was my project, inspection was left to me.
I was a bit worried at first he might try to fart me away, but fortunately, he took a shine to me. I thus completed my task to my satisfaction.
Now, we are married.


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