Seen and Heard

A warm September afternoon.
I have just seen a butterfly flit by, ever so slowly.
But it looked natural, casual, nonchalant, cool.
It just made me annoyed.
Why can’t I do that ? It’s like… only half of me works. If I were indeed a butterfly, the right wing would do nothing ! One of the problems being a lefty : one side is neglected. All my farts veer to the left.
I have just heard a faint noise, coming from outside, no doubt a lefty butterfly who’d just let one go. I wonder what these creatures eat, have never seen one eating. Some say they live a day. Not a lot of point being alive at all ! I eat to live. I’ve never eaten a butterfly. Well, one doesn’t, does one.
In a few hours, that farted out butterfly will have snuffed it. There will be no funeral. No other butterfly is going to give a damn and none will ever remember it ever existed.
So I, this lefty farter, who has never eaten a butterfly – am I any different ?
If there is to be a funeral, something out of my hands, will I be talked about ? Or will the conversation during the post-funeral luncheon turn to lighter things.
I think my farts will be remembered.
Very comforting !


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