Laughing Boy

“Laughter is the best medicine”

Having stated above this saying or antidote to misery, I am on hand – and I’m containing myself – to strongly dispute this..

It is NOT TRUE !

There are laughs which are nothing to laugh about. I have heard of the ‘infectious’ ones, the type that make you want to laugh as well. Not me, mate. The hee-haw ones are especially horrible, sound like a donkey throwing up. Another is the Asthma Horror : when you hear this, your first instinct is to call emergency.
Then there are blurters, sniggerers, barkers, woofers, roarers, snorters, titterers, chucklers and guffawers, the guffaw in particular being guaranteed to awaken the dead. I myself once had a next door neighbouring guffawer waking me up every night at 2 in the morning. The worst of this awful laugh is not knowing when the next burst is coming.

Let us be fair and say you can get used to a party with much laughing, your ear adjusting to the increased decibels, providing they stay at that level. After a while, you lay down your head, fancy you’d could get off…
More fool you !
Out of the blue, the Shrieker arrives. Yes, a woman. It’s always a woman, a voice that carries. And you know it : that that particular night is finished, no sleep for the wicked !
What did you do ?
You were stupid enough to be living next door to people who hold noisy parties.
Now me – I’m one of those that laughs inside. I am living proof to say it can be done. Internally, there’s a party going on, yet I don’t bother anyone ! You can’t hear me, chortling and taking the piss out of you, can you ?
He who laughs last laughs best


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