When I go to work, I go to work, not play
Me, I just get on straight away, no delay
But alas, I had a nasty shock today
Somebody had stolen my in-tray

As usual, I had gone straight to my desk
I came across something quite grotesque
Indeed, I’d go further and say burlesque
Some swine had pinched my in-tray

Then I had a call to see the boss
He looked up at me, rather cross
”Tell me, Jones, of your recent loss”
Yes, word had spread of my in-tray

For fuck’s sake, I got fired, the ruddy sack!
It was a plot, I’d been stabbed in the back
In the office, not a single ‘Goodbye, Jack!’
And outside – yes! – I found my in-tray

With a message and a cow pat turd
”Bugger off and join the bovine herd
”Never to be seen and heard
“Stay away and clean your in-tray”


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