“A Welsh Tale”

« A Welsh Tale »

Brother and sister, Gweneth and Gwaham, decided to visit their gwandad.  Well, it was quite a climb !
« Goodness gwacious, this is some steep gwadient ! » said Gweneth. Gwadually, they duly arrived, only to find vulgar gwaffiti daubed on the walls. Gwandad had always been gwumbling about young people and their gwotty ways.
The youngsters knew he was in, as music could be heard on his gwamaphone. Suddenly, they heard a painful cry and gwunting, which they knew was probably brought on by cwamp, which in turn had been brought on by Devil’s Gwip. Luckily, Gweneth had brought some gwapefruit to unbung him.
They found the door unlocked, went in and were hopped on by several gwasshoppers, intruders from the nearby gwassy meadow.
Gwandad was pleased to see them, gwabbed Gwaham’s sleeve, happy and gwateful for them bringing the gwapefruit. Gweneth then went into the kitchen, looked in the fridge and settled on cooking a cauliflower gwatin. Although knocking near ninety, Gwandad didn’t look he was ready for the gwave.
After some fifteen minutes, Gweneth announced the food was ready.
« What do you think, Gwandad ? » she enquired.
Gwandad gwinned.
« Gweat ! »


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