“The Black Cat”

“The Black Cat”

T’other day, I was visiting a friend
She’d been ill I’d hoped she were on the mend
The husband let me in, said ‘Take a pew!’
I wasn’t sure which as she had the flu
I chose a comfy-looking chair near the door
There was a draft which I tried to ignore
Then an old black cat came into the room
It looked really pissed off, was full of gloom
It looked around, then jumped onto my lap
I was so worried it might just have a crap
Then it purred or snarled, I wasn’t sure
Put it this way, I didn’t feel too secure
It turned to me and suddenly spat
I thought what sort of cat is that!
I said to husband ‘What have I done?’
‘You’ve pinched his chair, I think you’d better run!
I did.


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