Susan Rivers

« Susan Rivers »
There are losers and winners
Those that gain and quitters
But some are big hitters
In search of glitter thrillers
Like serial killers
Such was Susan Rivers
The sickest of sinners
When she pulled down her knickers
Inside her cunt were scissors
Then her incisors
Chewed the severed cock
That thought gives me the shivers


4 thoughts on “Susan Rivers

    1. wopthedo Post author

      I’m very touched by that. It means a lot to me. I’ve had some encouragement from AllPoetry, and appreciation. But here on WordPress, yours is only the second comment I’ve had, despite many, many likes. But your stuff…
      I find you overwhelming. You have so much flow! Where does all this stuff come from? Actually, what you write renders me commentless!

      1. Scarlet

        When I started I was pretty shoddy, people encouraged me, I borrowed, I learned, I tried new things. You’ve lived a proper life, you’ve probbaly more experience to draw on than I have, I had some harsh years, that made my work gritty I think, each time I wrote something I tried to push a bit harder, eventually you find some uniqueness – well I think I did, that works for me.
        Here you have to network, find people who you like, interact, they come back and comment on you that way. I tied my account to twitter too, that was tricky, I’ve had some followers from that too, but it takes time.
        You are very sweet, thank you x

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